To Nina, This was our first adventure trip. I hope we can go further than that. Love you!

The night before

We were in a trouble and misunderstand each other. Working in the same school, the same office so that we can not show off our relationship inside school due to their regulations. Looking at another like stranger every single working day and only be free to be closed at nights makes us tired. It’s might be better if we were not here together but if it was, we could not meet. Her name is Nina. She is chubby, lovely and warm. The best of her is the belly fat 😘 I love that so much. Maybe because of that there some guy also see she is attractive. I am not a jealous person but I don’t like it. I want to keep it as a secret which only me know.

However, that night, a guy sat down beside my girlfriend when we were having dinner in the school cafeteria and open a conversation and kept talking to my girlfriend. That was not the first time and I got angry after that. If it was outside, he absolutely got a punch in the middle of his face but luckily he was inside the school, I don’t have the right to do and we even have to pretend we’re happy. All in all, I’m a gentleman and I will not do any further action to lose this in front of a kid.

We couldn’t talk that night to share about the plan. I also didn’t want to talk much. Even though this was the first time we hang out so I really don’t want and misunderstand situation happen between us. For me, it’s pleasure to go on hiking and better go together with my lover.

The next morning

We went out around 8 in the morning and directly went to Ayala mall in Cebu City from Lapu-Lapu by van. Taking a walk around and ask for other jeepney to get to the highway to Sudlon park but people over there don’t know much about that. After taking 2 jeeps to Lahug we decided to hire a motorbike to get there. There were 2 guys asked to take us there with 2 motorbikes for 900 peso total. We discussed renting so that I can drive myself but they can not let me drive their motors and they gave me an idea that I and my girlfriend will ride one and they will follow us to go there. It’s just funny. At this price for 2 ways with 2 motorbikes was not expensive but I wanted to spend less money than that and the idea of having 2 guys follow behind is so strange. It doubts me a little bit. The driver even show me all of his certificates and licenses to make sure. After though about that I told them “We will go around for sightseeing for a while and decide later”. I just try to not disappointed them.

Few minutes after that, we were walking on the way to find other ways to get there. Getting on a Jeepney number 04C, the driver suggested we can get another motorbike to go there because it’s pretty far and there was no jeepney going there. Some motor drivers came to us with a pretty cheaper price just 200 to go there for one and finally we go there with 300 pesos for 2 in 1 motorbike :v which was so challenging for both of us.

The road was good but it was going uphill and it’s old so very slow. We got there after 40-50 minutes of 25 kilometers I guess.

We stopped on the way go inside Sudlon Nation Park, there was few houses and people over there but the road was good enough for car and jeepney. Firstly, we saw a cucumber farm which provides fresh cucumber for Jollibee Group. We wanted to go inside just to use their water for washing even though, the farm is so nice and I wondered to know what are they doing. I tried to ask some question about farming and who is their customer. Before went out, I asked them how much for a cucumber, a guy told me 20 Peso. I didn’t expect that 20 pesos actually for a huge pack of fresh and big cucumbers. That was our main food for the whole day. Haha.

(Jeepney to Sudlon 2)

Go back to our trip, got on the trail go inside the park , it’s up and down, the sun is shining hardest. We saw a jeepney passed so I decided to get on to make shortcut of the trail get inside moutains. On the Jeep, we met a group of company worker who went for examinating their new product. At first they considered me as a Philipino because I’m really do like them but later on we got on well and talk a lot. They told me about the trail, how to go inside easier and some nice places around.

The Jeepney dropped of us in a corner, from there we could walk and get close to the forest. There were 2 cute, really cute girls standing be side a table and trying to sell some fruit which I don’t really know the name but It’s good. But, suprisingly, we had to pay only 5 peso for 1 pack of fruit and a unc

(2 little cutiest girls in the world sell green mango)

(I want to stand in the top of this mountain)

In the middle of the trail

(Meet people in the jeepney again)

(Bull shits every where)

(Met the family)

Lost in the jungle

(The white Cow)

(Will you believe me?)

Follow him, follow her

(Going back to the house)


Hold my hand forever

Back to Cebu

(200 peso Motorbike)

The Walking night


(I want to drink Coke ^^)

I love you ❤

My Opinion, what i’ve learn from the trip.

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